“I Am Not An Ordinary Man, I Am A Millionaire”, Peter Obi Declares

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Peter Obi has told Nigerians that he is rich in his own right and that he can be regarded as a millionaire
However, the former Anambra state governor also disclosed that he does not like flaunting his wealth around
Going further, he added that he was already doing well before he was declared governor of Anambra

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has revealed that he is indeed a millionaire and he has never said anything contrary to the fact.

Obi made this known in an interview he granted Bellnewsonline.com

According to him, he does need to flaunt it around that he is rich. He added that he had never claimed to be a poor man.

Peter Obi says he is a rich man
Peter Obi has declared that he is a rich man.
“No, I am not making the public not to know that I am rich. I own shares in companies here in Nigeria, I don’t have to flaunt it around, those companies pay me dividends and they give me my own money. So, if somebody comes tomorrow and says he owns this, it doesn’t matter but at the end of the day I don’t need to show them, I don’t need to wear them around, that’s it. So those things are very clear. I passed through corporations, go and check my records, as a businessman. I borrowed monies from banks, I do my business, I don’t owe any bank. I have never defaulted, I have been in corporations where I became even bank chairman, none of them will say I mismanaged one naira. I have been chairman of corporations including SEC, it is here in Abuja.

“I have never claimed to be a poor man; I have never said it anywhere. I have always said I’m a comfortable man anywhere on the surface of the globe because it is said that if you have $1 million you are a millionaire, so I have that, so I am a millionaire anywhere in the world and I have never claimed to be an ordinary person.
“I was based in the UK. It was from the UK that I came to become governor of Anambra state. So when I was declared governor of Anambra state, naturally I have assets, I have investments in the UK, what I needed to do was to put those assets and investments into a trust because the law says to me, you are no longer allowed by law to operate an account, you are no longer allowed to be employed to do any other job, to be employed by another company, so all these ceased. But the law didn’t say you can’t own what you own before.”
Peter Obi reveals why he is not paying tax in Nigeria, kept his wealth abroad
Peter Obi, Presidential candidate of the Labour Party has revealed why he kept his wealth in tax haven abroad.

Obi also revealed that he can only pay tax in the country where he has businesses. He added that he has assets and investments in the UK and as such, can only pay tax there.

The former Anambra said there is no law that ask him not to keep the money he made before becoming governor anywhere.

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