How to cut Down your Sugar Intake, And Reduce Your Risk Of Having Diabetes

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I have my self a challenge a few months back. One of the challenges was “no sugar”. Not in the ridiculous way that you can’t eat fruit or bread. But I did also cut down on carbs. So no bread or cereal in the morning or for lunch.

Cutting out candy, chocolate and such was pretty easy. I had a hard three days and then it became very easy not to eat refined sugars.

Cutting back on carbs was easy as well, but it did take a bit more thinking ahead. I made sure I had easy replacements for those “”no time” moments.

1.Make sure you have protein-rich snacks. Things like cottage cheese and yoghurt are easy to take to work.

2.Do meal prep.

Don’t cook one egg, cook 10 and keep the other nine in the fridge for when you need them.

Cook big batches of vegetable based soups en freeze in portions what you don’t need.

3. Avoid processed foods:

They will have all sorts of additives that are or work similar to sugar. They also often have too much salt.

4.Nuts, nuts, nuts.

5.Take a salad for lunch and add lean proteins to keep you satisfied.

If you don’t have access to salads where you work; you’ll find ready chopped vegetables in the supermarket.

They spoil quicker, so don’t buy a stash for the whole week. But they make easy salads; especially with nuts or those boiled eggs you made. Take dressing with you in a separate container.

6. Have something that feels like an indulgence, but isnt really. For me it was avocado’s (I know… millennial). Or sugar free, fatfree, chocolate custard. Or smoked almonds.

7.Buy cookbooks or find recipes that are simple and fast. Not every cooking session has to be masterchef. There are lots of blogs with easy recipes like this one I Quit Sugar – Recipes.

8.Become a vegetarian and trying to eat sugar free I became big friends with omelettes stuffed with vegetables and stirfry 😉 Easy and fast.

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