How Obadiah Menakaya Exposed Boko Haram Plan For This Year 2022 and How They Plan To Carry It Out. (Video)

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In an exclusive interview with Late Obadiah Menakaya Who is a graduate with PhD degree from Oxford University revealed to Bellnews that he have met with high commanders and members of Bandits and Boko-haram countless number of times and they have revealed shocking things to him.

in his word he said that the high commander of boko- Haram revealed to them that one of the prominent northern governor is one of the commander and sponsor of Boko Haram.
Further speaking, he revealed that Bandits and Boko-Haram belong to same group and command which he said they have a very wide range of rich and sophisticated network all around the world even in the Middle Eastern Countries.

They are very rich and not after money but peoples live, which he also went further to reveal that during the lock down in 2019 Boko-Haram did not cease to move personnel’s, sophisticated ammunition and dollars around the Country which was brought from one of the middle eastern countries.

He also said Boko-Haram told him that after they want to conclude the first stage of attack in the rural communities before they will move to phase 2, which is going into urban cities and also going from house to house killing every prominent people in the society they lay their hand upon.

In the interview he revealed that Boko – Haram has mapped out a plan to start a civil war in Nigeria, thereby throwing the country into chaos, when asked why do they plan to start a civil war he went further to reveal that he was told by the one of the top Boko – Haram Commander that with the issue of civil war in the country it will make them continue to remain in power thereby controlling the country by themselves.

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