How I Plan To End Security Crisis In Nigeria – Peter Obi

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The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Dr Peter Obi appears to have had his strategies that will nip security crisis in the bud well mapped out, considering his latest revelation on a live TV show.

The former governor of Anambra state spoke extensively on Monday while featuring on Channels TV Politics Today.

Obi who believes he has what it takes to win the presidential election disclosed some of the plans he has put up to address the major problems Nigerians are currently facing.

While explaining how he will fix the teething security problem that has become a menace across the country, the presidential candidate identified two major strategies he has already mapped out to bring an end to the scourge if elected president in 2023.

The first thing he spoke about is to fix the economy. According to Peter Obi, a healthy economy is a healthy nation with security guarantee.

He disclosed that most of the youths who are involved in banditry, kidnapping and killing of innocent people are idle youths who have nothing to keep them busy.

Like they say, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Peter Obi noted that if they have been gainfully employed before now, they will not be available for anybody to recruit them into banditry and kidnapping.

He said if he is elected as president, he will ensure many unemployed youths are gainfully engaged and those who are already recruited into the kidnapping business and refused to surrender are dealt with accordingly.

However, he will ensure that there will be no more room for bandits or terrorists to recruit more people into their group.

The second strategy is to commit security into the hands of state governors.

According to him, every crime is local and it only takes security at the grassroot level to secure the communities.

Peter Obi plans to engage the governors, the local government chairmen and traditional rulers in the issue of security.

There must be an effective collaboration between federal, State and local government.

In other word, Peter Obi is likely going to push for the creation of state police and localize policing for the sake of efficiency.

He said once these two strategies are put in place, it will bring security challenge to a barest minimum in Nigeria.

Peter Obi disclosed this on Monday evening while featuring on Channel’s TV Politics Today.

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