How I Intend To End Agitation - Peter Obi

How I Intend To End Agitation In Nigeria- Peter Obi

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At a meeting with Nigerians in the Diaspora held in Toronto, Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, responded to the question they asked him on how he would solve the issue of agitation.

Peter Obi observed that everywhere someone may go in Nigeria, there is agitation. He said the question to ask ourselves is, how come everybody wants to go away?

He said what those who are with him in Toronto are doing is agitation. He said the reason is that  Nigeria is not working as they except that is why they left. He said it is similar to those who are agitating to divide too.

Peter Obi gave an example that there is no place where agitation is more like in South America, but the more they pull people out of poverty, the more people have a means of livelihood, and the less the agitation. He said the approach is the same for solving criminal issues.

Peter Obi then clarified that they would deal with agitation. According to him, they will consult with anybody that is agitated, they will plead with them, they will beg them, and he can assure them that they will make it work and they will stop it.

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