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Located in Brazil, it is a World archaeological wonder. It is over 6,000 years old and has hundreds of strange symbols. Scientists around the world have tried to figure it out withouts success all you know is that you have

Egyptian, Phoenician and Sumerian characters also similar to the Easter Island rongorongo and mainly symbols of the nostatic language, the oldest and rarest of humanity. On the stone appears the constellation Orion, the road

Milk, messages of a world disaster to come. in the future, methods of opening mental doors and traveling to dimensional worlds, mathematical formulas, equations and many other shocking things. Who left such knowledge in writing 6,000 years ago? on this stone? How is it possible that they knew all this in the past?

Pedra de Ingá is an archaeological monument, identified as “itacoatiara”, which consists of a rocky terrain with rock inscriptions carved in the rock, located in the municipality of Ingá in the state of Paraíba. The term “itacoatiara” comes from the Tupi language: itá (“stone”) and kûatiara (“crossed out” or “painted”)


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