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By Chinedu Nsofor.

Henry Mascot is the Co-founder/CEO of Curacel a Technologically driven Digital Insurance Company, offering cutting edge products that makes it easier for Insurers to distribute their products, automate their claims processes and drive revenue growth by giving them easy to use technology solutions that have been specifically designed to drive up Insurers Inclusion on the Continent.

This process is carried out with unprecedented efficiency, precision and data insight. This is a modern Insurance Infrastructure for emerging markets. With one of Curacel’s products Grow, Insurers can accelerate the distribution of their products by taking advantage of Curacel’s Technology to easily embed Insurers within other digital experiences in a more accessible way.

Technology Companies can also increase their recurring revenue by offering the protection their Consumers need without the hassle of finding integration and negotiating terms with Insurers Brokers.

The Company’s AI powered infrastructure product,Curacel Claims, means claims can be submitted and processed in real time, helping Insurers to reduce their Claim Circle through fraud detection, by more than 70% and process up to 10 times more Claims.

Curacel has processed more than $100 Million worth of Claims, working with more than 30 Health and Auto Insurers and over 5,000 Service Providers in 8 countries across the continent to capture new market segments and re-engage existing customer’s confidence.

By integrating Insurance protection in the products, it automatically increases customer’s confidence in the product’s quality and integrity, which of course, motivates them to buy more over time.

Curacel as a Digital Insurance platform helps Fintech, Credit Logistics and e–Commerce Companies in Africa to acquire new Users, grow sales and revenue, with AI powered embedded Insurance products.

Curacel is pioneering Insurance Inclusion across Africa to innovate Insurance products with unlimited support from Pan African Network of Underwriters.

The Company is supported by a Team of intelligent Engineers and Sales Experts who ensures seamless integration with their Automated Insurance Management Softwares, that reduces overhead costs and running expences. At the helm of this great Hi-Tech Insurance Support Company as the Co-founder and CEO is Henry Mascot.

A Top Flight purpose driven Entrepreneur,who is very keen about the role of exponential technology in driving massive Social Development and Positive Impact.

He studied Material Engineering at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology Enugu, Enugu State and at the YCombinator Meltwater Entrepreneural School of Technology, Accra, Ghana, as well as the Tony Elumelu Enterprises Programme.

To date, he has raised over $3.5 Million from some of the world’s best Ventures Capital Firms including YCombinator, Tencent and Google. In Curacel, he leads a team of about 40, where he is responsible for setting the Company’s Vision and Mission, making Strategic Decisions and ensuring that the Company’s sales targets are being met.

He has been involved in lots of Speaking Engagements within and outside the country, including: Moonshot By TechCabal, Lagos in October 2023; Vivatech, Paris in June 2023; Africa Fintech Summit D.C in April 2023;Africa Fintech Summit in Nairobi 2023; Technation Event U.K.in 2023; Africa Fintech Summit D.C in 2022. Before Co-founding Curacel, Henry Mascot played lead roles in growth for notable Nigerian Startups like: Amplify Pay (aquired by Carbon and 54 Gene) and building a wealth of experience and Network in multiple verticals like Finance, Education and Healthcare.

He is one of the leading voices in the area of Information and Communication Technology especially as it relates to the Insurance Sector in Africa today. He is one of the Scientists Nigeria should be looking up to step in, and take over the Technological space.

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