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By Don Peter Okoro.

Come Friday the 17th of March 2023, at the Exousia Christian Bible Church 44, Anuka/ Awka Etiti Rd, Otolo-Nnew,i Anambra State, the Body of Christ would be ushered into great excitement and exhihilaration as the New Executives of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Nnewi North Chapter is inaugurated.

In a pre- inauguration interview conducted yesterday at his Church, the very likeable and amiable man of God who has been elected as the new Chairman, in the person of Bishop- Elect Godwin C. Igwilo JP FCAI spoke on a variety of issues concerning the event and his antecedents. On how he emerged as the new Chairman, he explained:”

I bless God for His faithfulness and for His trust on me in calling me into this great service of humanity. I was the Deputy Chairman of PFN Nnewi North in the past regime. By the grace of God, I’m somebody that do put my life in whatever I believe in. I believe in integrity and in the ethics of Leadership.

I faithfully followed our then Chairman, Bishop Jude O. Goodwin and everyone can testify to my sincerity and commitment. As God would have it, after his tenure elapsed, I was elected to pilot the affairs the PFN which is the Body of the Pentecostal Believers in Nnewi North.”.

Asked to define the aims and objectives of the PFN, he explained:”The PFN is a Body of Believers who are baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. It comprises of all the Pentecostal Churches.

By His divine grace, we have a mandate to take the Gospel to the unreached and to places where the Gospel has not gained roots and we have been on this overtime. By His grace,I have been in Pastoral Leadership for years This church, Exousia Christian Bible Church celebrated her 32 years anniversary two years ago.

God told me one day as I was on the Alter of Prayer:” I have made you a Father in this land.” Of which piloting this Body of Christ is part of it as a call from God, not just a position, but a call from God. That is why I gave my life to it till date.”.

On the difference between the Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria ( PFN) he explained:”CAN is the Body of all the Churches irrespective of denominations,as long as they are Christians . But PFN is for Christians who are baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.”.

Asked to speak on his Manifestos and priority he replied:”On my first day of meeting with the Pentecostal Ministers in Nnewi North as the Chairman, I told them things I have in mind. My immediate past Chairman started a lot of good works, but due to time factor, he couldn’t finish some of them, but he did his best.

Now that it is my turn, I have to come up with things that I know were his heartbeat and anchor on them. Also, there are things the Lord is laying in my heart to do. First of all,I want to secure a land for PFN. PFN is supposed to have a Secretariat where Meetings can be held. My intention is that the building will have things like Lodging and Recreation Center where Ministers from other States can come and have a Christian environment to lodge and things like that.

Also I want us to secure a bus for easy mobility of members to functions. Also, I want to bring a synergy between Pentecostal Churches and other denominations. Most of the time, the problem we are having is segregation. Some believe that if you are not a member of their church, means you don’t know God. No! We have outgrown that. I want to break certain limitations and barriers that hinders us from enjoying one another.

My administration will try to bring unity and peace between different denominations. At the same time, identify with Traditional Rulers and Political Figures. We want to influence them. Most of the time, the church, especially those of the Pentecostal circle run away from them.”.

According to Bishop Igwilo, he intends to bring Pastors together at least two or three times a year for Ministers Conference or Retreat and invitting Senior Ministers with prove of Ministry to come and teach and lecture them.

He said this is already being done at the State level and wish to bring it down to the Local Government level, so that the Ministers can increase in knowledge and Information as the information of yesterday is not enough for today. Asked what he would say if asked to address Ministers and the Body of Christ,he offered:”Every Leader that comes up has a message.

Every Minister has what God called him to do. When God asked me to come down to Nnewi to establish this church, ( that was when I was in Kano in 1994),. God told me:”Go and make a people for me.” And I knew exactly what he meant, because by then, I was already a Pastor for over 15 years. My message always key on Integrity.

My message always key on Righteousness. The Bible says we should follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. The Bible also says that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Ministers should continue to grow in the righteousness of God, in truth, in action and character and very soon this place will be a better place to stay.

This is my key message and it’s a message that gives me great joy and makes me feel fulfilled, shaping lives and building characters.” Encouraging Pastors and Other Ministers of the Gospel,he said:” What I have is the word of encouragement. It is not easy for most Pastors now, just as it is not easy for most people. So I encourage them to keep their faith. To keep on moving and believing in the supremacy of the word of God, because if we fail to dwell on the supremacy of the word of God, we will suffer with the rest of the world, but if we dwell on the word, no matter the trials , no matter the season, God will always make a way for His people.

There is a scripture I use it encouraging them and it has also been a blessing to me. It is Psalm 37 vs 19 which says:”In the day of disaster, my people shall not be destroyed. And in the day of famine, my people shall enjoy plenty”. God does wonders, especially in difficult times.

I do tell them that the economy of heaven does not dry up. Live a life of holiness and have a good relationship with God, maintain that relationship daily and have passion for God. God will see them through, no matter what the situation maybe,we shall not be destroyed and we shall not beg for bread. This is my words of encouragement to the men of God at a time like this in Nigeria. Thank you.”

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