Gov Fubara apologises to Rivers people over recent political crisis

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Siminalayi Fubara, Governor of Rivers, this morning issued a comprehensive statement addressing the recent political turbulence that has plagued the state.

Governor Fubara apologised to the people of the state for the political crisis and vowed to restore peace and order.

The governor’s statement outlined the events over the past few days, including the devastating fire at the Rivers state House of Assembly and the subsequent factional divide within the Assembly, with both sides claiming impeachment actions against key officials.

Governor Fubara expressed gratitude to the President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and other elders for intervening to initiate discussions to resolve the crisis. He emphasised his unwavering commitment to peace, stability, and advancing the state’s welfare, stating that no sacrifice is too great to achieve these goals.

Additionally, the governor highlighted the collective responsibility shared between himself, the former Governor and Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, and others in leveraging their positions to ensure progress and security for the people of Rivers state.

Governor Fubara pledged to work tirelessly towards achieving lasting peace and tranquillity, supporting efforts led by the President and various stakeholders.

His words:

”Let me state clearly that my actions are aimed at restoring peace and stability in our state. I am a man of peace, and as governor, the advancement of our state is my primary concern.

”I assure the good people and youths of Rivers state that peace will certainly prevail, and we shall continue to work together to advance the peace, security, progress and development of our state.

”As governor, I sincerely apologise to the good people of Rivers state for the regrettable anxieties of the last few days while thanking you all for your concerns and continued support, love and prayers.”

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