Global Imams Council Bans Members From Protesting, Marching In Support Of Hamas, Condemns ‘Violent Rhetoric’ At Rallies In Europe, Others FILE

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The Global Imams Council (GIG) has vowed to publicly condemn and ban from the venue any member found protesting or marching in support of Palestinian militant group Hamas amid its ongoing conflict with Israel.

This is contained in a press statement jointly signed by 209 members from 38 nations dated October 9, 2023, condemning the attacks by Hamas on Jewish, Christian and Muslim civilians in Israel.

The statement further revealed that a Fatwa had earlier been issued against Hamas by the Islamic Fatwa Council on March 9, 2023, charging Hamas with corruption and crimes against humanity; forbidding Muslims from supporting, donating to, joining or praying for the terrorist organisation.

The statement reads: “The Global Imams Council (GIG), headquartered in the Islamic Seminary of Najaf, Iraq, consisting of over 1,470 Muslim Imams and Scholars from all Islamic denominations and sects, condemns in the strongest possible terms the barbaric and terrorist acts committed by Hamas against Jewish, Christian and Muslim civilians in the Jewish State.

It said, “The GIC has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to Islamism in any of its variations. Any individual, visitor, or worshipper found supporting Hamas in Mosques, Islamic Centers or institutions operating under the framework of The Global Imams Council will be publicly condemned, banned from the venue, and removed in coordination with the local law authorities.

“Likewise, any member of any GIC congregation found participating in protests/processions/marches supportive of Hamas or its allies – in any way, shape, or form – will be publicly condemned and banned from entering any GIC venue.”

GIC said it “is continuously in contact with Grand Ayatollahs and Grand Muftis across the Middle East, providing them with credible information regarding Hamas’ terrorism”.

“This ensures that jurists do not issue Fatwas and directives based on false or inaccurate information propagated by networks sympathetic to Hamas,” it said.

It further said, “We express our condolences to the families of the victims and urge the international community, represented by world and faith leaders, to stand with the Jewish people in their struggle against ISIS-like Islamist terrorism carried out by Hamas.

“The Global Imams Council has consistently stood against Hamas, its genocidal antisemitism and annihilationist ideology. Today, we stand once again in solidarity with the Jewish nation during this trying time, and make clear our position:

“The Global Imams Council (GIC), our members, and the SOO- communities led by our Imams worldwide, abide by the Fatwa issued against Hamas by The Islamic Fatwa Council on 9 March 2023, charging Hamas with corruption and crimes against humanity; forbidding Muslims from supporting, donating to, joining or praying for the terrorist organization.

The GIC is proud to have proposed the Fatwa against Hamas to The Islamic Fatwa Council and contributed to its Resolution Document that outlines the Islamic legal charges against Hamas. Today, in adherence to this Fatwa, Hamas is prohibited from operating and fundraising in the Islamic Seminary, as it had been doing in the past.

“Our Imams and affiliates are currently the most outspoken Muslim clerics within their societies, and online, in countering Hamas narratives in numerous languages, reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers per day.”

GIC also condemned the “extremist and violent rhetoric displayed at rallies taking place in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and elsewhere, where flags of designated terrorist organizations are being raised and accompanied by genocidal chants against the Jewish people”.

It said, “The Global Imams Council’s leadership will begin a series of delegations to Jewish communities, offering our unwavering support in the face of Hamas and its allies.”

The GIC noted that in 2020, and prior to the Abraham Accords, the organisation was the first Imams Council to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism, in collaboration with the US State Department’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.

“We remain committed to combatting all forms of Islamist extremism and terrorism,” it said.

The signatories are the GIC Governing Council, GIC Senior Imams Committee, GIC Advisory Committee, members of the GIC General Council and GIC Immediate concerns Council (209 members representing 38 countries).

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