Gas explosion leaves seven critically injured in Ogun State's Ogijo area

Gas explosion leaves seven critically injured in Ogun State’s Ogijo area

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In a devastating incident on Sunday evening, a gas explosion rocked a steel company in the Ogijo area of Sagamu Local Government Area in Ogun State, resulting in critical injuries to at least seven individuals.

The explosion wreaked havoc across the entire production line of the company, prompting immediate action from the state government. Consequently, the government swiftly ordered the closure of the affected company.

The exact cause of the explosion remains unknown at this time, pending further investigation.

Mr. Ola Oresanya, the State Commissioner for Environment, pledged to conduct a thorough inquiry into the incident to determine its root cause. During an on-site assessment visit, he emphasized the importance of establishing preventive measures to avert similar accidents in the future.

Oresanya reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of industrial operations within the state, emphasizing the need to protect both workers and the surrounding communities from such hazards.

In response to the casualties, the management of the company promptly transported the injured individuals to a nearby hospital in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

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