Full Video: Lady Vows To Quit Her Job for Prostitution Gives Reasons

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  • A young Nigerian lady has publicly made a vow to resign from her work as a salesgirl and venture into full-time prostitution.

The unidentified lady showed off the profit she made in just one night of prostitution on the streets and she is enthused and excited by the results.

She informed her supervisor at the shop that she had decided to leave since she had discovered something more lucrative.

A video shows the lady flaunting heaps of naira notes she got paid the first time she took the post of a commercial s3x worker as she claimed she made 50,000 naira in one night alone.

The video prompted a barrage of responses from Nigerians, who scolded the lady for her choice of career.

Watch the video below;

See some reactions from netizens below;

Jayfams wrote; ‘Ok, so a quick conundrum yh. How is it possible that in 2002 were WO-men are fighting and trying to liberate themselves from being dependent are constantly flaunting how they make money of dependency from MEN. #Notjudging


dbnaturals wrote; ‘No be everything be cruise to trend abeg… Y’all should PLEASE watch the content you put on social media ahan 😂


realgoddess wrote; ‘If this is serious are we supposed to award you for this act of stup*d*ty? Keep your goodnews to yourself LOL When you Don collect Wetin de street you go go back to work… congratulations


officialqueenama wrote; ’50k one night 😳, that’s huge ooo😳. Since I start business I never see am 😢’

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