Fuel Scarcity: Commotion As Armed Officers Shoot Man Dead During Clash At Fuel Station

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A tragic incident unfolded at a petrol station owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited in Obalende, Lagos State, resulting in the fatal shooting of Toheeb Eniasa, plunging his family and the community into mourning.

The incident, occurring late Wednesday, sent shockwaves through the area, leaving residents gripped with fear. According to eyewitnesses, Eniasa was waiting in line to purchase petrol when an altercation erupted.

Reports indicate that two individuals, suspected to be military officers, attempted to bypass the queue, sparking a confrontation with those waiting. Eyewitnesses confirm that Eniasa led the resistance, urging the men to adhere to the queue like everyone else.

Tragically, the altercation escalated into violence, resulting in Eniasa being shot by one of the men, who then fled the scene.

Narrating the sequence of events, eyewitnesses recounted the tragic confrontation. A resident, Mr. Amos Ayo, stated, “I saw them. They are men of the DSS. They came to the scene to buy fuel but refused to join the queue.”

He continued, “That is what they always do. It was not Toheeb’s turn yet, but he confronted them, asking them to join the queue or be polite about the way they went about the purchase.”

The tragic outcome left the community reeling, with residents recounting the chaos and panic that ensued. Another eyewitness, Capo, described the aftermath, stating,

“This place (Obalende) is a very small place. Everybody knows everybody. Toheeb stays in the Dolphin Estate area. He is a Muslim. He is supposed to be buried today, but his body has been taken by the police to the morgue for investigation and possibly autopsy.”

Efforts to reach the station’s branch manager for comment were unsuccessful, but a staff member shed light on the situation, indicating that military personnel and veterans were given priority during fuel purchases.

Confirming the incident, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, stated that Toheeb Eniasa was indeed killed, and two vehicles were set ablaze. Investigations are ongoing to identify the perpetrators.

Responding to inquiries, DSS spokesman Peter Afunnaya denied the involvement of any DSS officers in the incident, urging further investigation to ascertain the truth.

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