Fr. Ejike Mbaka Reveals Next Plan After Catholic Banned Adoration Ministry

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The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka while addressing Adoration faithfuls who gathered to demand for the opening of the church, revealed his next move after Catholics were banned from attending his ministry.

This was disclosed in a video on his church’s Facebook handle 22 hours ago.

You will recall following the sanction placed on AMEN by Bishop Calistus Onaga, Adoration faithfuls protested for their church to be restored back.

However, Fr. Mbaka who decided to address the crowd in order to dispatch them, said, “The ban on the church doesn’t stop me from being a priest.

I am on a Holy Retreat to romance with my Bible and edify myself the more after the Bishop’s decision”.

He also reminded the crowd of the Bishop’s efforts to get them to this level.

“I don’t want you people to be seen as bandits, we are law abiding citizens. The devil is full of tricks; don’t insult the Bishop.

An insult on the Bishop is also an insult on me. I heard someone said yesterday that he will attack the Bishop. Please, don’t ever do that”, Fr. Mbaka concluded.

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