Former House Boy Opens Free School For Children Employs Graduates To Teach The The Children.

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The proprietor of Kingston Nursery and Primary school has revealed that he opened the school to make quality education free and accessible to children.

The kind proprietor said he believes that children have the right to sound and quality education despite the financial situation of their parents.

Speaking further, he recounted how during his days, he was sent back home severally because his father wasn’t able to pay his school fees on time.

The proprietor of Kingston nursery and primary school, Dr. Victor Basola, has reiterated his love for children and how he wants to see them succeed against all odds.

In a recent interview with bellnews, the kind proprietor revealed that he opened the school so that children who come from poor backgrounds can have access to quality education free of charge.

“The vision of Kingston school is to make quality education not just affordable but free because I am of the conviction that children have the right to quality primary education no matter the financial situation”, he said.

Dr. Victor expresses bitterness over parents who are complacent about training their children

In as much as he created a school for the less privileged children, the school proprietor condemned parents who have the money but are complacent about training their children.

According to him, his vision is to cater for only those kids whose parents actually want their children to be educated but lack the financial ability to achieve what they desire.

How Victor got inspired to open Kingston School

According to the proprietor, growing up wasn’t easy as he was sent back home from school severally over school fees.


Owing to his sad childhood experience, he gained an idea of the emotional trauma children at that level go through because of lack of money to pay fees.

In his words:

I know the emotional trauma that comes with it. Those children go through trauma especially when they are being shamed by their classmates.

The kindhearted man, Zion Oshiobugie, set up a free private primary school for orphans.

Zion’s primary school also gives free food to the students every day with 100 beneficiaries recorded so far.

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