Former Homeless Actor, Kenneth Aguba Reveals The Kind Of Woman He Wishes To Marry

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The Founder of Omega Power Ministry (OPM), Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere was filmed disclosing some report he got from a Nollywood Actor, Kenneth Aguba.

Recall the announcement pastor Chibuzor made following organizing a wife for the Nollywood actor, Pastor Chibuzor was filmed on a Facebook video discussing his journey so far with Kenneth Aguba.

In a video shared by Esquare on Facebook, Pastor Chibuzor called a few people who happens to be witnesses and then talked about how he’s promised to rearrange Aguba’s life by giving him a well-furnished house, which he just did, finding a wife for him, and as well assisting him to organize actors so he can shoot a movie while Aguba becomes the prime actor.

However, in the video, Kenneth Aguba shocked the witnesses as he disclosed he doesn’t want a wife from Nigeria, but rather wants a virgin from Israel after being offered a widow by Apostle Chibuzor.

Following Aguba’s statements, Apostle Chibuzor made a general announcement that if Aguba declines his offer then he wouldn’t do any other thing as getting a wife for him is the next step after offering him a house

Below are apostle Chibuzors statements:

“This man’s life is disorganized, No wife no child. One of the windows that I have in my house that I’m feeding offered to stay with him, have kids with him, and as well start up a business so his life can be arranged.

I want the whole world to see that I’ve fulfilled my promises, and I even went ahead to do more than I’ve even promised.

I’ve given him a fully furnished house, and I promise to pay for his wedding. I also promised to do the sponsoring and as well going as far as inviting people for it.

I promised to make it a very big wedding, and also establish good business for both him and his wife.

And lastly, I promised to assist him in getting actors that would help organize a movie, while he becomes the prime actor in the movie.”

“But I’ll start the move by giving him a wife, but if he declines then I’ll give him transport fare so you guys can take him back to where he came from. He said he wants to get married to a virgin from Israel.

Well If he will accept, I will give him to his doctor to rehabilitate him, and I’ll also take him through prayers because sometimes poverty can affect the brain.”

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