Foreign Observers Speaks On The Conduct Of Nigeria’s Presidential Election.

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Foreign Observers: Mixed reactions has been trailing the conduct of Nigeria’s presidential election and elections into the position of the national assembly members on Saturday February 25th.

It would be recalled that the results of the election are currently being collated and announced by the the electoral body in Abuja.

About eighteen candidates from different political parties contested the election.

However, the major candidates in the presidential elections including people Democratic Party and Labour party are already calling for the results to be canceled.

Speaking on the conduct of the elections, Common Wealth, one of the foreign bodies that observed the election, cited different irregularities.

Thabo Mbeki who spoke on behalf of Command Wealth said there was late arrival of election materials and violence in some areas.

He said Nigerians still have hope in democracy and that is why they came out in large number to cast their votes.

Hear him “Nigerians still believe in democracy. We observed lsrged turn out of people. We noted delay in some of the areas. We observed that there were violence and snatching of ballot boxes ” Thabo said on behalf of Common Wealth.

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