Federal High Court Judge, Justice Fatun Odohi Riman Passes Away In England

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The sudden passing of Hon. Justice Fatun Odohi Riman, a judge at the Awka division of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, has cast a long shadow across the country’s legal landscape.

Recall that Justice Riman became popular when he was used by Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto through the instrumentality of the Nigerian Police Force to obtain Bench Warrant against Hon. Augustine Onyekachukwu Ike Ikedoji with the intention to stop his inauguration as a lawmaker.

Remembering Justice Riman
Riman was born on April 24, 1967, in Ediba, Cross River State. His legal journey began at the University of Benin, continuing at the Nigerian Law School.

Before his appointment to the bench, he held positions of import, including the head of chambers at Riman & Associates, and partner/head of chambers at Ndoma–Egba, Ebri & Co.

His sudden demise has not only left a void in the bench but has also led to the adjournment of ongoing cases, a ripple effect that has delayed proceedings and caused inconvenience to litigants, lawyers, and other stakeholders. The courts stand still, a poignant testament to the respect and regard his colleagues held for him.

The death of a judge is not just a personal loss. It disrupts the very fabric of the judiciary, stalling the wheels of justice, even if temporarily. The sudden halt in proceedings at the Federal High Court, ordered by Chief Judge Tsoho, is a stark demonstration of this impact. It’s a moment to pay homage to Justice Riman’s memory and reflect on the importance of the role judges play in society.

The Human Side of the Law
Riman’s passing underlines the necessity of providing robust healthcare and support to judges. The fact that Riman sought medical treatment abroad invites questions about the adequacy of healthcare facilities available to judges in Nigeria.

As the gatekeepers of justice, the physical and mental well-being of judges is paramount, and this incident puts the spotlight on the need for better resources.

The loss of Justice Riman is a stark reminder of our common humanity and the need to value the contributions of individuals in the legal profession. His dedication and service to the bench will be remembered, serving as a beacon for other legal professionals.

As the judiciary mourns, it is incumbent on the relevant authorities to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of judicial proceedings. It is crucial to fill the void left by Riman promptly and ensure that the court’s functioning is not significantly disrupted.

Ultimately, while the legal community mourns Justice Riman, his legacy, marked by dedication and service, will continue to inspire.

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