Federal Govt Using Wrong Approach To Tackle Insecurity – Al-Mustapha

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A former chief security officer (CSO) to the late military head of state, General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, has said that Nigeria adopted the wrong approach to solving security issues in the country.

He said dirty politics brought about funding, formation and sustenance of terrorism in Nigeria.

Al-Mustapha, who spoke in Abuja, when the president of Nigeria Youth Organisation (NYO), Ambassador Duke Alamboye, visited him, said the military had been used for the role the police should be playing which is leading the country to nowhere.

He said, “The way we have handled the issue of solving the insecurity in the country has been very wrong. Away from the management of counter-terrorism in Nigeria. Away from the dirty politics that brought about funding, formation and sustenance of terrorism in Nigeria, adequate intelligence, foreign and domestic have got many things compounded.

“When the visions of the managers of internal security becomes a bit beclouded with one or two issues, I do not want to talk about, you will be far away from getting results. It would amount to fetching water with basket from the river and with a drum to fill. It will take you a longer time and energy to succeed.

“Nowhere on earth should the military be domesticated to take over the primary functions of the police. I said to many and I have offended them and I’m still ready to offend them for the collective interest of Nigeria, Nigerians, our future, our investments and well-being than to do otherwise. Nowhere on earth and no serious-minded country will allow the military to play police role for more than three months, it should not happen.

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