Federal Government vs Ibeto: Ibeto on the Run, Risks Bench Warrant.

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At the Criminal Division of the Ikeja High Court, Court Room 9 under His Lordship, Justice Ijeuli, the matter between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Ibeto (case number ID/214929/2023) was heard and even though Ibeto was absent in court, his lead counsel, Barr Onyechi Ikpeazu SAN was on song.

Barr Rotimi Jacobs SAN, the lead counsel for the Federal Republic of Nigeria started by reminding the Court that the Court fixed today for arraignment of Ibeto and went ahead to remind the court that Ibeto’s Counsel promised to provide Ibeto for arraignment today.

Barr Onyechi Ikpeazu SAN pled with the Court to give room for reconciliation as Dozzy and Ibeto are best of friends and so should be given some time to see if they can work things out amicably, stating that he will try to get the Obi of Onitsha involved in the issue to see if the matter can be settled. He stated that Ibeto is VERY VERY ILL and could not appear before the Court but has medical document to buttress Ibeto’s medical situation.

Barr Rotimi Jacobs SAN responded that the courts are for the settlement of criminal and civil cases, stating that the court should encourage it. He stated that the EFCC highlighted that Ibeto was given such opportunities in the past back but Ibeto did not use it rather, Ibeto dragged the EFCC to court which was struck out. He prayed to the court for a plea bargain but insisted that Ibeto must appear before the Court for arraignment before moving of motion and any other process

Barr Onyechi Ikpeazu SAN replied that he is hopeful that by the next adjournment, he would have better news for the court but will not dwell on the past issues especially bothering on jurisdictions

The Judge stated that Ibeto’s Counsel appeared before the Court twice and pled with the Court for adjournments in order for an acton to be be taken (arraignment of Ibeto) and the Court cannot be deceived. He went ahead to say that he wants to believe that Ibeto’s Counsel does not intend to deceive the Court yet today, Barr Ikpeazu has appeared in Court without Ibeto, on the basis that Ibeto is VERY VERY ILL. He stated his disappointment that Ibeto’s Counsel did not keep up to their word

Barr Ikpeazu SAN went ahead to plead that he will do his best to get the issue amicably settled and prayed for another adjournment

The Judge insisted that the issue of amicable resolution is not the issue but the issue is that a Senior Counsel promised to produce Ibeto but could not so how will the Court believe that Ibeto will be produced after another adjournment as this makes it the THIRD time the matter is called in Court. He insisted that Ibeto MUST be produced for arraignment first and foremost before any other thing which includes amicable resolution and other options available

Barr Ikpeazu stated that Ibeto was served earlier with a summon which had no date and it might have also affected the situation

The Judge mandated that Ibeto must appear before the Court then they can go for a plea bargain

The Court adjourned the matter till the 3rd of November 2023, on which Ibeto MUST appear before the Court for his arraignment

NB: Failure of Ibeto to appear on the 3rd of November 2023 will most likely lead to the issuance of bench warrant by the Court on his person.

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