Federal Government Assures Intervention in Tanya Okpala's Wellbeing, Says Sports Minister

Federal Government Assures Intervention in Tanya Okpala’s Wellbeing, Says Sports Minister

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The Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh, has pledged that the ministry will address the concerning situation involving former Nigerian tennis player Tanya Okpala.

In a statement, Enoh acknowledged the distressing nature of the viral video featuring Okpala and assured that the ministry would take appropriate action. The video showed Okpala appearing disheveled with an injury on her leg, engaging in conversation with a stranger who offered to buy her a drink.

“I spoke with Tanya’s father who briefed me on her current condition, and the genesis of her problem was confirmed to me,” Enoh stated.

He revealed that the Nigerian Tennis Federation had previously funded Tanya Okpala’s rehabilitation when her condition became publicly known many years ago. Unfortunately, the former tennis star experienced a relapse after a brief period.

Okpala, once a renowned tennis player who represented Nigeria and the African continent, achieved considerable success in various tournaments and held the top-ranking position at one point.

Enoh expressed gratitude to the Governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo, and his team for their swift intervention in Okpala’s case, describing their actions as highly commendable.

Highlighting the ministry’s six-point agenda, WAIFAR, which includes a focus on activating a welfare system for athletes, the Sports Minister emphasized the commitment to taking action in providing appropriate welfare for athletes who have brought glory to the nation.

“As a ministry, we will take action in this regard, as every athlete who has brought glory to our nation deserves appropriate welfare,” Enoh affirmed.

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