Family Cry Out Over Missing Policeman In Abuja, Accuse Authorities Of ‘Showing No Interest In Finding Loved One’

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Bellnews gathered that Jonathan was last seen on Wednesday, October 25 while at his posting in Paradise Estate, Life Camp, Abuja.

A police inspector, Benjamin Jonathan attached to the Federal Capital Territory command has been declared missing by family members following his mysterious disappearance.

Bellnews gathered that Jonathan was last seen on Wednesday, October 25 while at his posting in Paradise Estate, Life Camp, Abuja.

According to his family members, the Federal Capital Territory police authorities have shown little or no interest in finding him.

“My brother, Benjamin Jonathan who is serving at FCT command department of operations has been missing since Wednesday, the 25th of October while at his place of work in Paradise Estate Life Camp, Abuja,” one of the brothers of the missing officer told bellnews.

“Since then, the police and his department have not done anything regarding the situation and have left us the family to take up the burden alone to look for him even when we have evidence to tender to the police that will make their work easy.

“We are begging the Inspector General of Police or the Deputy Inspector General in charge of operations to kindly help us to fast-track the whole investigation into this matter.

“According to the information available to us, he went to our elder brother’s house to take food but while there, he received a call from a lady named Comfort. She’s the widow of one of his late colleagues. After that, he got a call from another person and he told our elder brother that he wanted to meet up with someone at Life Camp roundabout. That was the last time he was seen.”

Speaking further on the alleged lackadaisical approach of the FCT command to the issue, his sister said, “Immediately we noticed his mobile lines were not going through on October 25th till the next day which was 26th, we contacted his office but the response they gave us wasn’t encouraging.

“They further asked us to hold on, that maybe he would come back but we were not satisfied. We then went straight to Life Camp police station to lodge the same complaint where our statements were taken and they also invited his colleague named Audu Ujoh who was on duty with him on the same day. He also came and gave his own side of the story. Audu claimed he was on duty that day but left to get them food.

“The case was later transferred to state CID on Monday, October 31st. On that day, we waited from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. before we were called by the O/C admin to listen to the case. Unfortunately, to date, the family has yet to be briefed by either the Nigerian police authorities or his department. None of the senior police officers also intervened as the whole family is in pain and devastated.”

The FCT police command spokesperson, Josephine Adeh, denied that the police authorities were doing nothing about the missing officer.

“It’s not true that police is silent on the case. It’s not possible to make public or make noise about our investigation because it will jeopardize our efforts.

“It’s when we’re done that, we will make public our findings. As of now, everybody is a suspect, including the family members. So the police is not silent, we are on top of the matter,” she said.

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