Fact Check: Is China Having A Coup And Is Xi Jinping Under House Arrest? Here’s What We Know

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Rumours of a coup against Chinese President Xi Jinping are going around on social media, but experts have highlighted that there is no concrete evidence of coup or any disturbance in China so far.

The internet is abuzz with reports saying ‘something is up’ in China, with people’s guesses ranging from a political or military coup against President Xi Jinping to potential military activity in Western China.

The evidence cited for such guesses includes reports of cancelled passenger flights in parts of China, Xi not being seen in public for some time, and footage allegedly of military vehicles moving towards the capital Beijing.

However, there is neither any official comment on these guesses nor any confirmed report on military movement towards the capital.

Here we share what’s being said on social media, particularly in India, and what are the facts that we know for sure.

Is Xi Jinping facing a coup?

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