Even With The Issue Of No Food In IDP Camp The Men Still Sleeps With Their Wives and We Can’t Stop Them – SEMA

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The Benue State Emergency Management has cried out over the rate at which people are given at various Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps across the state.

The Executive Secretary of SEMA, Dr Emmanuel Shior, has revealed that an IDP camp in the state has witnessed over 80 births in the last seven months.

This is coming despite the efforts put by SEMA to control the rate at which people are having intimate affairs in the camps.

Mr Emmanuel stated that it is difficult for his agency to control the number of births in IDP camps because most of the men living there are staying with their partners.

He mentioned that his agency has registered over 80 newborn babies in the last seven months but they are trying to control the birth rate.

He added that even when there is no food, the people living in the camps are sleeping with their partners.

“The aspect we try to control is unmarried people sleeping with each other; other unlawful sexual acts are also forbidden in the camps,” Shior said.

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