EFCC Passes Stern Warning To Skitmakers

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EFCC issued the warning about use of its operational identities illegally and irresponsibly.

A video, code-named: “EFCC and Army Wahala” gaining traction across social media, once again, compels the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to reiterate its warning to skit makers and other social workers to desist from using the operational identities of the Commission illegally and irresponsibly.

“EFCC and Army Wahala” is a caricature of the operational etiquette of the EFCC. The shameful characterization of supposed operatives of the Commission in the video unleashing terror on “suspects”, is not only embarrassing but indicative of a deliberate attempt to cast shadows on the image of the EFCC.

Operatives of the EFCC are not bullies. They are trained as refined modern law enforcement officers rich in decency, civility and respect for members of the public, including suspects of economic and financial crimes.

Skit makers are warned again to desist from unauthorized use of the identities of the EFCC to ply their trade. The Commission will not hesitate to bring to book anyone caught displaying its operational identities for any engagement.

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