EEDC Clarifies Power Outage Causes in the South-East, Extends Apology

EEDC Clarifies Power Outage Causes in the South-East, Extends Apology

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Dr. Ernest Mupwaya, the Deputy Managing Director (DMD) of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), has reaffirmed the company’s dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring uninterrupted power supply across the South-East region.

Speaking at the EEDC Customers Town-Hall Meeting held in Enugu, Dr. Mupwaya emphasized that the company’s objective goes beyond merely delivering electricity. EEDC is committed to surpassing customer expectations and positively impacting their daily lives and businesses.

He highlighted the significance of transparent and constructive engagement with customers, stressing that their feedback plays a crucial role in shaping EEDC’s operations and service delivery.

“Transparent and open communication is essential for building trust with our valued customers. We are committed to fostering a relationship based on transparency and honesty, which are fundamental to earning and retaining your loyalty,” Dr. Mupwaya stated.

He further outlined key initiatives aimed at enhancing customer experience, including the establishment of a streamlined procedure for lodging and resolving complaints, as well as ongoing efforts to address gas constraints affecting power generation and distribution.

Mr. Vincent Ekwekwu, the EEDC Chief Technical Officer, apologized to customers for the recent challenges in power supply, attributing them to gas constraints impacting generation companies. He assured customers that the issue is being addressed by the Federal Government.

Dr. Francis Iwu, the Head of Health, Safety, and Environment at EEDC, emphasized the importance of safety measures and proper electricity usage to prevent accidents and loss of lives. He urged customers to refrain from unauthorized repairs of electrical infrastructure and to report faults promptly.

Mr. Emeka Ezeh, the Head of Corporate Communications at EEDC, provided updates on the ongoing Standard Transfer Specification (STS) prepaid meter upgrade, urging customers to take advantage of the free meter upgrade to avoid losses.

During the interactive session, customers commended EEDC for its efforts amid challenges and offered suggestions for improvement, including the provision of prepaid meters and enhanced staff training in customer relations.

EEDC reiterated its commitment to addressing customers’ concerns and improving service delivery to ensure a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

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