ECOWAS defence chiefs fix date for invasion of Niger Republic

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The committee of chiefs of defence staff of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) said it has perfected its military intervention plans in Niger Republic.

The committee, during its two-day meeting on Friday, August 18, also noted that it has agreed on a particular day for activate its military intervention in the West African nation.

However, Abdel-Fatau Musah, ECOWAS commissioner for political affairs, peace and security, said that military chiefs of ECOWAS are still on plans to embark on a mediation mission into the country as it they have not shut the door for dialogue.

Musah noted: “We are ready to go anytime the order is given.

“The D-day is also decided. We’ve already agreed and fine-tuned what will be required for the intervention.

As we speak, we are still readying mediation mission into the country, so we have not shut any door.

“Let no one be in doubt that if everything else fails, the valiant forces of West Africa, both the military and the civilian components, are ready to answer to the call of duty.”

President Bola Tinubu recently warned the military junta that there will be grave consequences for them if the health of ousted President Mohammed Bazoum deteriorates.

During a call to European Union (EU)’s chief Charles Michel, Tinubu was quoted to have said: “President Bazoum’s detention conditions are deteriorating.”

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