Ebonyi, a place Soludo calls home

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By Izuchukwu Adichie

During our visit to Ebonyi State last Sunday, it was easily seen that the state holds a special place in the heart of Soludo, his visit was the same as a triumphant homecoming, which did not come as a surprise to me and the rest of us. Although he was there to participate in the Thanksgiving mass celebration of the elevation of Justice Obande to the Nigerian Supreme Court – an alumnus of Uga Boys Secondary School, Soludo’s visit to Ebonyi or his football playground – Ohaukwu, was reminiscent of his true homecoming.

Soludo has a deep affection for Ebonyi, its people, and their hospitality, which he has often mentioned in his powerful storylining. He never ceases to talk about his childhood and primary school days at Nigercem-Nkalagu, how he played football in Ohaukwu as an addicted footballer, and how he even returned to Ebonyi to spend his holidays during secondary school vacations.

Upon his arrival in Ebonyi, the people of his true home welcomed him with open arms. His visit was significant in many ways; it rekindled old friendships, renewed old acquaintances, cemented new relationships with the people, and strengthened existing relationships between Anambra and Ebonyi, as stated by Gov. Nwifuru, the host governor. It was more than a thanksgiving celebration; it was a tribute to the old times that Soludo holds dear.


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