Drama As Asari Dokubo Makes U-Turn, Blasts Tinubu Over One-Sided Appointments (VIDEO)

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Former Niger Delta militant leader Asari Dokubo expressed his frustration over President Bola Tinubu’s recent appointments.

Dokubo voiced his concerns in response to Islamic cleric Sheikh Gumi’s call to remove Nyesom Wike as the minister in charge of the Federal Capital Territory.

In a viral video, the ex-Niger Delta warlord criticized the one-sided appointments made by President Tinubu, stating that they make Lagos appear to be the only state in the country. Dokubo, who had campaigned for Tinubu due to his past achievements, argued that the current appointments set a dangerous precedent.

Dokubo vehemently stated, “A Muslim-Muslim ticket was voted for by the Nigerian people, and they know who Ahmed Bola Tinubu is. Many of us are aware. I did not vote for Ahmed Bola Tinubu because he is a Muslim. The ongoing appointments are skewed. The president must realize that the appointments he is making, as if Nigeria is only Lagos, is perilous.”

He urged the president to reconsider the appointments, emphasizing that the country belongs to everyone.

Watch video below:


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