Don’t Attend Any Pastors Church That Supports Tinubu – Bishop Irarbor Wisdom

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Bishop Irarbor Wisdom, the presiding Bishop of Answers Assembly in Warri, has told Christians to stop attending the churches of any pastor or Christian leader, who supports the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, because he has fielded a Muslim as his running mate in the 2023 elections.

Bishop Irarbor Wisdom declared that any pastor, who supports the APC during the presidential elections has left the faith, and betrayed the body of Christ, and as such, members are not safe under such leadership.

Bishop Irarbor Wisdom explained that if Christians were killed under President Muhammadu Buhari, in spite of the fact that a pastor was his vice, there might not be Christians left if two Muslims were allowed to rule the country.

He said that any pastor, who has selfish interests, will support what he called an evil union, as he claimed that Nigeria is already on the path of Islamization.

These are very strong words by the Bishop, and although I understand his concerns, I think he is blowing things out of proportion.

I agree that it does not show representation if two people from the same religion rule the nation, but the fact that killings still happened in spite of the fact that a pastor was the Vice President, might show that it doesn’t really matter whether the vice president is a Christian or Muslim; what matters is the competence of the individual.

Pastors are citizens of Nigeria, and they are free to support whoever they want to support.

They shouldn’t force their congregation to support who they want to support, but it doesn’t stop them from being vocal for the person they support.

I agree that Nigeria is not mature enough to ignore tribalism or religion when it comes to leadership, but ideally, what should matter is the competence of the individual and not his religion or tribe.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with the Bishop? Share your thoughts in the comments. Be blessed.

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