‘Do Not Be Deceived Like Buhari’ – Gumi Warns Tinubu Over Extra-Judicial Killings

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Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi has advised President Bola Tinubu not to make the same mistake made by his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari.

The Sheikh stated this during an interview with The Sun.

Addressing the recent erroneous bombing by the Nigerian Army in Kaduna State, Gumi claimed that extra-judicial killings were worse during Buhari’s administration.

He insisted that Buhari failed to handle the situation properly because he refused to listen.

Speaking further, Gumi noted that Tinubu is in haste to correct the situation, and might end up making mistakes.

He urged Tinubu not to apply the same methodology Buhari used in handling the situation.

According to him, “We can deal with it. Unfortunately during the past administration, Buhari failed because he had a personal problem. He was not listening. The extra-judicial killings were worst during Buhari’s time. Our people told me that they have never suffered bloody attacks like during Buhari’s time. Many called Buhari “Baba go-slow”.

“Now, Tinubu is in haste to show that he’s doing something about the security situation in the country. The truth is when you act in haste, you are bound to make several mistakes. The military is not the solution to that. The more you kill their children, the more they get frustrated and the more they fight back.

“So as we have somebody to take care of the problem in the South-East, another one to take care of the problem in the South-West, get somebody from the North to take care of the problem in the North. That is the only way and not force. I have good authority that bandits are on the increase because they are being massacred.

“Like Buhari, Tinubu has two advisers; those who are telling him that he should use force to end banditry and he is supporting them. On the other hand, some people are telling him to opt in for dialogue, he listens to them, but not supporting them. I will advise President Tinubu not to be deceived the way Buhari was deceived. You cannot be doing the same thing and expect different results.”

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