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The progressive club known as Divine Committee of Friends Club in AGHALOKPE Community in Okpe LGA of Delta State visited all the primary schools in AGHALOKPE to donate learning materials to the community schools.

Over 1000 note books were distributed by a team of the Club members…..

The chairman; Comrade Monday Ejenaye remarked the gesture is borne out of the fact that as a club they thought out how they can be of great benefits to the community starting with schools. That in no distant time other forms of charity works will be carried out….

The Head of the following schools, Ogoni Primary School Adaorho, Igugudu primary school, Igugudu; ONOVWIONA PRY SCHOOL, ONOVWIONA , Adagbrasa Primary School, Adagbrasa,Itive Primary School,Amua -Itive etc all in AGHALOKPE COMMUNITY thanked the club for their laudable project. They encouraged the club to keep the flag flying for other clubs , bodies and associations to emulate . ….

The headmistress of Itive Primary School, particularly thanked the group for the great help they have offered.

Amongst all in the movement are;

(1) Mr Ejenaye Monday Oborakore -Chairman

(2) Efe Anufa Martins – Vice Chairman

(3)Engr. Smart Obiebi- Secretary

(4) Theophilus Oghwere – Spokesman

(5) Mr Eyimofe Lucky- Treasurer

(6) Mr. Akpobome Felix. -Fin Secretary

(7) Mr. Amawhe Kennedy-Org. Sec

(8) Mr. Okotie Itivere- PRo

(9) Engr. Arouture Emmanuel- Adviser

(10) Mr Omasheye Christian- Auditor

(11) Mr. Aghoja Godfrey- member

(12) Mr. Amawhe Patrick- member

(13) Mr. Ukonumu John – member

(14) Mr. Onogho Joseph- member

(15) Mr. Okparamagwhare David- member

(16) Mr. Mukalo Jerry – member

(17) Mr. Samuel Efe- member

I wish to personally congratulate this club for this educational oriented program and others to come. I wish to enjoin them to be liberal, open to one another, respect one another’s views , love unconditionally and above all look up to God in all they do.

Once again, on behalf of our good people of Aghalokpe community and the lovers of education,we say Weldone!!!

Thanks for reading….

I’m ONOGE Victor Esivwenoja

A friend to the club

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