Diesel Tanker Falls in Lagos as Residents Scoop Spillage

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KA 33,000-litre diesel-laden tanker has crashed along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway by Ajala bus stop, causing residents of the area to troop out in large numbers to scoop the spilt content.

A source at the scene of the accident attributed the cause of the accident to the bad condition of the road.

It is learnt that men of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service have arrived at the scene of the incident and battled to contain the situation.

One resident, Mrs Anthonia Abiodun, expressed disappointment that other road users and drivers of commercial buses had also joined to scoop fuel from the tanker.

She urged residents to be mindful of the dangers associated with scooping fuel from a crashed tanker and to allow the relevant authorities to handle the situation.

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