Colleagues alleges starvation in police academy as 100-level cadet drops dead

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A report by Punch indicates that a 100-level course nine police cadet, A.S. Jika, dropped dead at the Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano State, on Saturday after being continuously starved and malnourished for over two weeks.

Some cadets accused the Commandant, Assistant Inspector-General Sadiq Abubakar, of high-handedness and financial mismanagement of feeding allowance meant for the students.

Jika, who hailed from Adamawa State and was in the Department of Computer Science, collapsed inside the toilet in the early hours of Saturday.

A cadet, who spoke anonymously to avoid being victimized, said the victim was rushed to the academy’s clinic.

“He was left untreated because there are no drugs and no medical officer to attend to him in the unconducive environment, before he gave up and died,” the source added.

A cadet, who also asked not to be identified, said there was usually high traffic of sickly cadets at the unequipped clinic daily.

He said, “Since the new commandant assumed office, they’ve been providing very bad and inadequate food for us. The boy that died was not up to 20 years old. The boy wouldn’t have died if they’d attended to him.

The commandant also ordered the closure of the market and laundry and approved undeserved training exercises during lecture hours.

“Cadets collapse daily here during training due to fatigue because it’s either they’re starved, malnourished, or both. We’re usually threatened by the commandant and forced to engage in unwarranted training exercises.

Also, many cadets have been dismissed on the basis that they fell sick; that’s why many are trying to manage themselves to avoid expulsion from the academy.”

Meanwhile, in a statement seen by Politics Nigeria, the Nigeria Police Academy announced the passing of Jika, saying he “succumbed to a brief and unexpected illness.”

The statement which was signed by ASP Hussain Suleman, the spokesman for the academy, noted that:

”Jika, a dedicated cadet from the Department of Computer Science, was a proud native of Adamawa state. On 29th August 2023, he sought medical attention at the Academy Clinic due to an ailment.

”Following a diligent course of treatment and his gradual recovery, he was certified fit and discharged by the Medical Doctor on call the next day and tasked to return at regular intervals for checks which he adhered to.

”However, fate took an unforeseen turn. On 2nd September 2023, he was once again admitted to the clinic for further examination and care following a complaint of restlessness.

”Though his vitals were normal upon examination and all necessary medical steps were taken, we regrettably report his untimely passing.”

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