BREAKING: Tinubu Reacts To US Court Indictment For Drug Dealing

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Following the circulation of a U.S. court judgement’s indictment of Bola Tinubu for drug trafficking, Bayo Onanuga, the spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign, on Wednesday criticised his principal’s “traducers”. reports that Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State, is one of the frontline candidates for the 2023 election.

Certified true copies of the 70-year-old’s drug dealing and money laundering case in Chicago, USA, surfaced on the internet on Tuesday.

It is alleged that the presidential hopeful is a drug lord who accepted a plea bargain, in which he voluntarily agreed to forfeit his assets to American authorities in 1993, rather than go to trial.

Reacting to the allegation, Onanuga, Tinubu’s spokesman, chided critics, who he said resumed their “campaign of calumny”. He issued the counterargument via his known Facebook page.

“The Tinubu traducers on Tuesday returned to their usual campaign of calumny, this time waking up the carcass of a drug allegation in America that was buried in 1993,” Onanuga wrote.

“Long after the campaign failed in 2003, it resurfaced weeks to the primary election of the All Progressives Congress. The opponents thought it was lethal enough to make the APC disqualify Tinubu from the race.

“It failed spectacularly and Tinubu went on to win the primary with a landslide.

“The muckrakers are back again with the same story, dressed as ‘certified true copy’ from the U.S. Court.

“It is as dead as a dodo.”

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