BREAKING: Panic As Nigerian Air Force Jet Crash-lands In Lagos Airport.

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Passengers onboard a Nigerian Air Force jet panicked on Monday as the aircraft crash-landed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

A source said the aircraft crash-landed on Runway 18R at the airport on Monday. learnt there were six people on board and that there were no casualties.

“Airforce jet crash-lands in Lagos airport at Runway 18R,” the source said.

“It happened at an area called at “18 right” right at the Lagos airport

“It had a landing gear problem, meaning the tires refused to come out for landing. The pilot landed the aircraft on the bush, a smart move.

“Six people were on board; they are all safe.”

Similarly, in July 2019, a major air disaster was averted at the airport when a B737 aircraft belonging to Air Peace Airlines lost one of its front tyres.

The plane, which had no fewer than 133 passengers on board, had just arrived from Rivers State. It crashed-landed as the pilot tried to control the situation.

No casualty was recorded in the incident.

Emergency personnel were reportedly on the ground to keep the situation under control.

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