Beyond Soludo’s speech at the PLATFORM Nigeria that has caused national conversation

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The speech delivered by Soludo at the PLATFORM NIGERIA event has received widespread acclaim for its powerful resonance with the ongoing national conversation. His selection as the final speaker at the event, despite the presence of several esteemed intellectuals, is a testament to his well-established reputation for effectively engaging in national discourse.

His insightful analysis of Nigeria’s national landscape, economy, prevailing challenges, trust in Tinubu’s government, and the way forward revealed his profound understanding of the country’s dynamics. The PLATFORM NIGERIA provided him with the ideal opportunity to express his views on democracy and the state of the Nigerian economy with a clarity and directness comparable to the letters of St. Paul to the Thessalonians.

Soludo’s message has not faced significant challenges, with widespread agreement on many of his points. If the late Ozumba Mbadiwe, known for his bombastic rhetoric, were alive and in attendance, he would undoubtedly have characterized Soludo’s message at the PLATFORM as an earthquake. His message highlights the crucial need for radical transparency, empathy, and transformative governance to usher in a sustainable democracy and improve the economy.

The attention garnered by Soludo’s message underscores the urgency of implementing true federalism and devolving powers from the federal government to the states. His proposal includes the adoption of single terms for elected political officeholders, a sustainable minimum wage agreement, the establishment of a unicameral legislature, and reducing the cost of governance across sectors, all of which he trusts President Tinubu will fully embrace.

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