"Bayelsa Police Apprehend Four Suspects Linked to Abduction of Businesswoman"

“Bayelsa Police Apprehend Four Suspects Linked to Abduction of Businesswoman”

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The Bayelsa State Police Command has successfully arrested four individuals allegedly connected to the kidnapping of a 40-year-old businesswoman in the state. The Commissioner of Police, Alonyenu Idu, confirmed the arrest, revealing that the victim was abducted in the Opolo community within the Yenagoa Local Government Area on a Tuesday evening.

The four suspects taken into custody include the wife of the alleged mastermind behind the lady’s abduction. Commissioner Idu disclosed that investigations by the state police command indicated that some of the kidnappers were part of the criminals pursued by the police in Rivers State, where their hideouts around the Isokun area were raided last week. The police commissioner stated that the kidnappers fired multiple gunshots before forcibly taking the woman away in their vehicle.

“We have apprehended the initial layer of those involved in the kidnapping. The mastermind’s girlfriend was arrested,” mentioned the CP. He linked the unrest among the youth in Biogbolo-Epie, within the same Yenagoa LGA, to the disorderly conduct of suspects believed to be associated with the businesswoman’s abduction.

Commissioner Idu reported that the erratic behavior of some youths attracted police attention. When approached by officers, some of the individuals became unruly, leading to a mob action against the officers and ensuing skirmishes. According to the CP, two persons displaying suspicious behavior were noticed in Biogbolo, and when the police attempted to apprehend them for questioning, it resulted in the suspects raising their voices and triggering a mob action in an attempt to disarm the policemen.

He further claimed that the enraged crowd attacked a team from the state-owned Community Safety Corps and tried to disarm them. The scuffle led to an accidental discharge of a bullet, injuring one of the individuals in the mob. The incident caused confusion, resulting in a traffic jam around the Green Villa junction in Biogbolo-Epie at the Isaac Boro Expressway for several hours before normalcy was restored.

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