Anyone Who Says Nigeria Is Okay The Way It Is Needs To Be Examined – Obasanjo

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Amid ongoing security and economic challenges currently plaguing the nation, ex-president Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo has slammed persons who insist that Nigeria is not doing as badly as being claimed in some sections of the country.

Speaking as a special guest of honor at a lecture tagged “Overcoming the challenges of poverty and insecurity in Nigeria”, the retired army General decried the current state of the nation, adding that Nigeria has not taken its rightful place in the world because of rising poverty and security challenges. Going further, Obasanjo insisted that those who say the country is okay in its current situation should have their heads examined.

“Nigeria is not where it is supposed to be today. If anyone says it is okay where we are at the moment, then the person’s head needs to be examined.

My friend, late Ahmed Joda, used to tell me that God has given us everything a nation needs, and there’s no need for prayers because if God has given you everything and you squandered it, then something is wrong.

I told him that even at that, we still need prayers as a nation because what is good needs prayers, and on the other side too, we still need more prayers,” Obasanjo said.

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