Any Christian Who Votes For Tinubu After All this Years of Christian Killing Is A Fool – Femi Aribisala

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Controversy continues to trail Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s decision to opt for a Muslim-Muslim ticket as he chose former Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima as his running mate for the 2023 general elections.

Nigerian Pastor and International Affairs Expert, Femi Aribisala has said that Christians are not supposed to vote for the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, after the turbulent seven years of christian persecution and killing.

He added that the APC flag bearer is “too arrogant and contemptuous of Christians”.

Aribisala, in his tweet on Thursday, said, Tinubu “is convinced he can win the election in 2023 without Christians. He cannot”, he wrote.

The famous columnist and critic, stated, “Any Christian who votes for Tinubu after seven years of Christian persecution in Northern Nigeria is a fool”.

“No Christian should vote Tinubu”, he continued.

He furthur noted that Christians are often terrorists particular targets because of their faith. He listed some areas in the North where attacks were carried out on Christians for no reason more than that it was ‘a gathering of infidel Christians’.

Aribisala explained that Nigeria has unfortunately become one of the unsafe places for Christian believers in West Africa.


Before now, news media reported that he had alleged that the former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu allegedly committed perjury with claims of schools he reportedly said he attended.

Aribisala further stated that according to the APC presidential hopeful’s distorted calculus, a Northern Christian will not be voted for by a Northern Muslim, therefore he (Tinubu) needs to know that Southern Christians will not vote for him, a Southern Muslim.

According to the pastor, Tinubu’s presidency term after Buhari will be “a continuation of 8 years of the worst government in the history of Nigeria”. To him it is not “Tinubu’s turn” as he confidently claimed, but “Nigeria’s Nigeria’s turn”.

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