Angry PDP Supporters Storm Arthur Eze’s House, Burn Atiku Campaign Caps

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Some angry supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have stormed the Enugu residence of the Anambra-born-business billionaire, Prince Arthur Eze, to show rejection for his favourite presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

The party supporters were seen in a video clip online, dropping off Atiku campaign face caps given them and setting them ablaze in front of Eze’s house.

A voice in the background could be heard saying that Atiku had promised to give them the sum of N20 million to support his candidacy but failed to fulfil his promise.

The irate supporters said that rather than giving them the N20 million, they were only given face caps not worth N200.

“This is Arthur Eze’s house. Video Arthur Eze house, let me see. Is the cap of N200 what we want in this country? Burn it. Atiku is a bastard. He promised us N20 million; see our faces like this. God will punish him,” the angry youths were heard saying in the viral video.

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