Anambra Senators only share indomie instant noodles, neglecting deplorable federal roads

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It is disappointing to note that the current Anambra Senators are not focusing on addressing the pressing needs of their constituents. Instead of prioritizing impactful development projects, they are known for distributing packets of Indomie instant noodles as their constituency projects across Anambra South, Anambra North, and Anambra Central senatorial districts. This lack of focus on meaningful projects is unacceptable.

The performance of the Anambra Senators in attracting beneficial interventions to their constituencies has been below par. They have been heavily criticized by their constituents for failing to attract federal government programs and projects and for the deplorable state of the federal roads across the three senatorial districts. This negligence can not be overlooked.

The Anambra Senators have not been intentional and committed to improving the lives of their constituents. Their neglect of critical infrastructure and federal government programs is unacceptable. As representatives of the people, they must be held accountable for the neglect of the senatorial district at the federal level.

The lack of attention and neglect of the district at the federal level is a serious concern that directly affects the welfare and progress of the constituents. The Anambra Senators must redirect their efforts towards addressing the pressing needs of the people and implementing federal projects that can bring about positive and lasting change, and they should boldly be told to stop sharing indomie packs as constituency project.

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