Anambra Politician Sponsors 500 Students' JAMB Forms, Promotes Education as Foundation for Development

Anambra Politician Sponsors 500 Students’ JAMB Forms, Promotes Education as Foundation for Development

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Sir Paul Chukwuma, a prominent philanthropist hailing from Anambra State and the Founder of the Sir Paul Chukwuma Foundation, underscores the pivotal role of education and knowledge in societal advancement.

In a recent announcement, Sir Chukwuma highlighted his commitment to education by generously providing free Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) forms to five hundred aspiring students in Anambra State. This initiative fulfills a promise made by the philanthropist in December, where he pledged to extend full-time scholarships to the recipients upon admission.

Expressing his dedication to giving back to society and alleviating the financial strain on students and parents, Sir Chukwuma, a notable figure in the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Founder of Olivia University, Burundi, launched this educational support program.

“Education is fundamental to securing our community’s future. Through initiatives like scholarships and free JAMB registrations, I aim to ease the financial burden on students and parents,” stated Sir Chukwuma. “Access to quality education is vital for nurturing the next generation of leaders. My own journey underscores the transformative power of education, which drives my commitment to supporting these aspiring students.”

The selection process, overseen by the Sir Paul Chukwuma Foundation Education Support Scheme, meticulously identified 500 deserving students from across Anambra State, irrespective of political affiliations. Additionally, scholarships will be awarded to those who excel in their JAMB examinations, ensuring comprehensive support throughout their educational journey.

Sir Chukwuma reaffirmed his dedication to investing in the younger generation’s future through education and other empowering programs.

It’s noteworthy that the beneficiaries of this initiative include both indigenes and non-indigenes of Anambra State, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and equitable distribution of opportunities across the region.

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