ANAMBRA 2025: The Opposition Is Confused, Has Lost Hope

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By Izuchukwu Adichie

The opposition in Anambra is in complete disarray and has lost all hope. Soludo’s outstanding achievements in just two years, without borrowing a kobo, have left the opposition utterly bewildered and without any meaningful presence. For the first time in the history of the state, there is a total absence of any opposition party, not even a weak one or a faint presence.

It’s not surprising that the so-called opposition has faltered, lost its way, and is now seeking a new vocation ahead of 2025. The overwhelming support for Soludo’s compassionate and innovative leadership from Ndi Anambra has left the few weak opposition members feeling humiliated. The continuous praise for Soludo in churches, schools, markets, streets, and public places is truly humbling.

Apart from his outstanding performance in infrastructure development across the state, which rightfully earned him the prestigious 2023 Champion Newspapers’ Best Governor on Infrastructure and Rural Development award, Soludo decisively defeated the opposition with his open and inclusive style of governance. It’s no surprise that he was honored as the 2024 Democracy Governor of the Year for his administration’s role in democratizing Nigeria. These achievements have left the opposition in Anambra humbled and at a loss. They should find a new vocation.

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