Anambra 2025: Politicians making promises of a single tenure of four years are deceitful

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By Izuchukwu Adichie

Growing up, I learned that once a politician started moving his lip, he was about to lie.

It is widely known that political campaigns expose the desperation of politicians – their mouths are often filled with lies, empty promises, and false words. The Anambra gubernatorial election mania is around the corner, and some individuals who indicated to run for the office have started making assurances of a single tenure of four years.

Well, let it be noted that Ndi Anambra has never been fooled and can not be fooled. They are aware there is no integrity and honesty behind such a statement. It is not uncommon for politicians to make empty promises and tell outright lies just to win elections. Let it be known that any politician who promises Ndi Anambra a single tenure of four years is lacking in integrity and can not be trusted. Such politicians are only interested in their selfish gains and do not have the best interests of the state at heart.

Ndi Anambra has continued to show boldness and courage to call out these deceitful politicians and make it clear to them that they will not be fooled by their empty promises. While politicians are thinking about the next election, statemen are focused on building a liveable and prosperous homeland, where we can live happily, work happily, and enjoy happily.

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