All Those Politicians Claiming It Is There Turn To Rule Are Just Wasting Their Time – Sheikh Ahmad Reveals Why.

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As the race for the presidency heats up in Nigeria, renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has come out to reveal how politics should be played in the country ahead of the 2023 general elections.

According to a video shared by CHANNELS TV, the Kaduna-based controversial scholar who became prominent for his radical views on banditry back in 2021, was delivering a lecture on security at a event recently when he accused certain politicians of attempting to force the electorate into voting for them based on an entitlement mentality.

Speaking during his lecture, Sheikh Gumi insisted that any candidate running for public office must be willing to persuade the masses to vote for him instead of claiming it is his turn to rule, adding that persons who play that kind of politics are only wasting their time.

“If you want to deal with security, there are things, in summary, politics is very important. Politics is persuasion, not force. It is persuasion. I wonder, politicians that want to force people into electing them are wasting their time. They say, ‘it is my turn, you have done it’, it is not a question of turning or donning but a question of persuading me to vote for you. It is about persuasion,” he said.

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