Alarming Rise in Insecurity: Over 2,700 Kidnapped in Six Months, Military Rescues 721 - Report

Alarming Rise in Insecurity: Over 2,700 Kidnapped in Six Months, Military Rescues 721 – Report

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In the period spanning May 31 to December 24, 2023, a total of 4,258 incidents of insecurity were reported across 573 local government areas in Nigeria. Non-state actors were responsible for these incidents, resulting in the tragic loss of 5,691 lives, with 2,719 individuals falling victim to kidnappings. However, a glimmer of hope emerged as the military successfully rescued 721 of the kidnapped victims during this period.

Additionally, 1,902 citizens suffered injuries of varying degrees due to violent attacks by non-state actors, according to data provided by Beacon Consulting, an indigenous security firm specializing in tracking insecurity in the country.

A monthly breakdown of the incidents revealed the following:

  • May 31: 13 fatalities, 4 kidnappings, and 6 injuries.
  • June: 854 killed, 239 kidnapped, and 158 injured.
  • July: 597 killed, 330 kidnapped, and 140 injured.
  • August: 615 killed, 369 kidnapped, and 215 injured.
  • September: 594 killed, 348 abducted, and 217 injured.
  • October: 1,164 fatalities, 518 kidnapped, and 584 injured.
  • November: 1,309 lives lost, 464 kidnapped, and 334 injured.
  • December (up to the 24th): 545 killed, 434 kidnapped, and 248 injured.

In response to the escalating crisis, the military engaged in various operations and successfully rescued a total of 1,987 kidnapped citizens between June and December 24, 2023, as reported in media sources. The breakdown indicates 721 rescues from June to August and an additional 228, 127, 412, and 499 rescues from September to December 24, respectively.

Security expert Jackson Ojo emphasized the urgent need for economic improvement as a key factor in addressing the country’s rising insecurity. He acknowledged the inherited nature of the issue and highlighted the role of economic hardship, suggesting that criminals often resort to illicit activities as a means of escaping poverty. Ojo underscored the importance of political will, emphasizing that effective security agency performance is contingent on a determined effort to eradicate criminality in the country.

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