After Surrendering Gunmen To Surrender They Started Surrendering – Gov. Hope Uzodimma

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Governor Hope Uzodimma told Channels Television during an interview that he had ordered the unknown gunmen disturbing Imo state to surrender their arms and get forgiven.

Uzodimma said that some days after making the statement, he got reports that the unknown gunmen have started surrendering their arms.

These gunmen had come out to change their ways after the governor of Imo state promised to forgive them if they surrender their weapons.

Governor Uzodimma also told the media that the insecurity problems in Imo state have started reducing through what he’s done to tackle it.

He said he’s been working to make the state a very peaceful place for everyone to live in.

He also assured the people of Imo State that the state is in absolute peace and no one should bother carrying arms to defend himself in the state.

He promised to make sure everywhere in the state is peaceful and calm. According to Uzodimma, he said that for the past weeks in Imo state, the state is very peaceful and people are going on their daily businesses without being molested or assaulted.

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