“Adelabu is the minister of darkness” – PDP chieftain lambasts Tinubu’s appointee

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Demola Olarewaju, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, has described Adebayo Adelabu as the ‘minister of darkness.’

53-year-old Adelabu is a former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and currently Nigeria’s power minister.

His recent comments about Nigerians being careless with their electric appliances have sparked outrage nationwide.

The minister made the comments barely 24 hours after the federal government increased electricity tariffs.

In a post on X, Olarewaju stated: ”El-Rufai isn’t even close to being my fave but Tinubu kicking him off for political reasons is why Adelabu is in that office and spewing illogical nonsense after several months in the seat – at least El-Rufai had prepared himself.

”Outside Nigeria, I use my phone till the battery is low, because I know I can charge it ANYTIME. In Nigeria, I find myself trying to get it to 85% at least – because power is not stable and I might have to switch on the generator to charge my phone.

”I have several chargers in fact for anywhere in the house I might need to sit down. Same thing applies to everything else:

”Nobody would risk voluntarily switching off their deep freezer only to find that there’s no power supply for the next few days because Adelabu is the Minister of Darkness. The logic that drives the madness of Nigerians is directly created by the madness of Nigeria.

”That Adelabu doesn’t understand such a simple thing means he simply doesn’t understand what he should be doing and has resorted to the typical APC blame game.”

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