Adamu Garba Reacts To Peter Plan Of Fighting Terrorism In Nigeria.

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An APC stalwart, Adamu Garba, has reacted to the interview granted to Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, on CNN. In his statement on Twitter, Adamu Garba said he likes how Peter Obi plans to equip the security forces.

He described the statement by Peter Obi to equip the security forces as apt and said the statement by Peter Obi only confirms that Buhari is already doing a nice job on the security forces in terms of budgetary allocation and salaries

Adamu pointed out that, Nigeria currently has the highest budget per head of security agencies in West Africa. And that they are being paid better salaries like never before

Adamu Garba’s statement reads, “By the way, I like Peter Obi’s comment on equipping the security forces. It was apt. However, is a confirmation of the excellence of Buhari’s effort in them

“Today, Nigeria has the highest budget per head of security agencies in West Africa, with better salaries like never before.”

Recall that Peter Obi was earlier granted an interview on CNN on Friday. One of the questions Peter Obi was asked during the interview was how he plans to tackle insecurity in Nigeria.

Peter Obi in his reply said you need to reorganise the security architecture, ensure that there is multi-level policing and also address the issue of state policing. He also said you need to bring in more security personnel into the security system, equip them properly and ensure they are properly motivated

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